Expose supplier network vulnerabilities beyond Tier 1.

verified intelligence
verified intelligence

N-tier visibility that relies on verified intelligence, not subjective surveys.

  • Highlight and remediate false senses of diversification beyond the Tier 1 level.  
  • Prevent potential legal and regulatory violations with key ESG, financial, and operational data across multiple supplier tiers.
plan beyond tier one

Get the insights you need for contingency plans that actually work.

  • Prevent disruption and bottlenecking by pinpointing single-source suppliers that are beyond Tier 1.
  • Understand and take action on the key risk dependencies of your suppliers - and their suppliers.
plan beyond tier one

The only comprehensive intelligence platform that can aggregate best-in-class data, analyze multiple risk domains and customize insights that are right for your organization.


Deeper knowledge means negotiations that work in your favor.

  • Leverage the financial and operational metrics of Tier 2 and 3 suppliers when navigating contractual agreements.
  • Hard-to-find N-Tier data helps identify opportunities for your organization and Tier 1 suppliers.

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“We immediately improved visibility and monitoring of
over 30,000 suppliers.”

OCEA, U.S. Department of Defense